How Free Casino Slot Games No Download No Registration Works

Getting access to free casino slot games no download no registration in 2016 may seem like a blessing but the bitter truth here is that it’s pretty hard to find any such resources. Most of the online casinos available nowadays ask you to download their shady software to play or to go through multiple registration forms where they acquire your personal information and sometimes even your credit card information as well. However, we will help you find some of the best platforms where you can enjoy unlimited free slot games with no download no registration hassle.


All you need is a powerful Internet Connection, your PC, laptop or a smartphone and you are all hooked up to practice your skills. As long as you are connected to the Internet and your PC is working fine with a good browser, you won’t be interrupted. You can practice as much as you want with the free slot games and once you are confident enough, deposit money and gamble for real money. Nearly all online casinos available are 24/7 online with no strings and are 100% safe. They keep a special check to keep your privacy safe so that you can fully enjoy your games.

Free slot games also give you enough time or trial period before you decide to deposit real money. TO benefit you more, most of the reputed online casino platforms also give bonuses on deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 you are likely to get $100-$200 as an additional bonus to your balance which you can play and earn real money in no time. However, to gamble some real bucks you need to practice. So check out these free casino slot games no download no registration and start practicing to earn money.

Poker Texas Holdem, Where Did It All Begin?

Poker Texas Holdem is the most played type of poker there is today mainly because it gives players many opportunities to play strategically and win. So we have to wonder, who was the genius behind this magnificent game?

The game came to being in the early 20th century. As the name suggests, it is clear that it originated from Texas in the little town known as Robstown. However, when we visit the town, no one can pinpoint to one particular person who came up with the game.

History of poker

In the late 1960’s the game was introduced to the rest of the world via Las Vegas by some Texas poker lovers including Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim. Before this games such as draw and stud were the most popular in casinos. These men must have seen how this “thinking man’s game” was a goldmine. The game was only played in Downtown Las Vegas in ‘The Golden Nugget’ where not many high-stake players visited. After about two years the rest of Las Vegas got to know about it as it was played in high-end casinos.

The greatest milestone in the game has been the World Series of Poker (WSP) held annually since 1971. This was an idea born in the minds of a father and son, Benny and Jack Binion. They saw a great opportunity, just like Crandell Addington, and decided to take a risk. They purchased the rights to the Gambling Fraternity Convention, changed the name to World Series of Poker and started hosting Texas Holdem at their casino yearly.  The game’s popularity is now attributed to this annual tournament that has poker lovers traveling from far and wide.

Now, a lot of literature on it has come up. It is the main game in the World Poker Tour (WPT). It is played even on phones and via the internet. Who would have thought it would come so far?

How to learn poker and become a champion in it?

Poker is a fun activity that is enjoyed by all at offline and online casinos. Some of us get good at games once we begin playing, but some do not. That is why some guys need the professional poker tips.

Poker is an amazing experience no matter if it’s played in a casino in traditional style or in your house with some of your friends. So, here are some really interesting poker tips and which you can see below:

  1. Paying attention to each round on the poker table can benefit you more than spending hours in just reading books or articles on gambling.
  2. Make sure that you do not pay lots for the draws because this is not always very profitable to chase such draws.
  3. Jumping into high limits is not right if this is something that could not be afforded.
  4. If you are not a reckless risk taker, then do not make bets for large amounts as the chance of winning or losing is not totally in the hand of the player.

How to become expert in poker

Knowing all little and the big rules of poker are definitely sure tip that anyone could use. This is because all gambling games are different and have rules that are distinct. That is why when someone is quite thorough with poker playing rules, is likely to perform better in the game.

Remember that suited cards are not always the best because it improves such hand by just a little as two percent than the hand which is not suited. So the benefit of the suited card isn’t that great.

Using Poker Tracker could be a good idea because it has become the ultimate tool for playing poker online. You can nicely get stats regarding the opponents and track losses and wins.

Decide for the position that you want to have because it plays a big role on whether you win your hand or not.

I hope that the above professional poker tips will help you improve your poker game, and you’ll start winning on the table easily.

Gambling History 101

Gambling has been around since we have known how to throw stones. Archaeological digs in Pompeii, China, India, and Egypt, among other places where it was prohibited and punishable by being sent to work in the quarries.

Gambling was not especially well-liked in ancient Greece, where gamblers were categorized in the same line as thieves and other common criminals. Fines were imposed on those who engaged in gambling activities for profit rather than for recreation. The rulers of the day started to lose insane amounts of money and even risked losing whole lands and titles over a game.

With the upper class’ fascination with gambling, the middle and lower classes followed suit. The poor people’s obsession with gambling may have stemmed from the hope that gaming could give them instant riches, a theory held by any serious gambler today.

The first gaming artifacts unearthed dated back to as early as the 14th century. The first ever recorded use of the gaming deck of cards was attributed to the Chinese,who invented paper. The practice of shuffling cards was also attributed to them, a practice that began in 900 AD. The use of cards spread to the Mameluke empire. Because the Empire was Muslim, they designed their cards with intricate decorations. The use of cards spread to the Mediterranean, and the French soon created the practice of putting the faces of popular court subjects on the cards. The ‘French’ cards are the templates of the 52 deck cards used today.

Dice Playing - Ancient Greece

Other forms of gambling originated in other parts of the world. Craps, blackjack, baccarat started in Europe, while the popular sport of horse racing originated in England.

Nevada once outlawed gambling in the 1900s, a huge surprise since it is now the primary gaming state in the country. When it opened its doors to gambling in the 1930s, hotels and casinos immediately sprung up from the desert sands, and the rest is gaming history.

The latest development in gaming is internet gambling. The internet boom has resulted to an equal eruption of internet gambling. Gaming became more accessible, more fun, and more convenient to do. The idea of gaming in your home, at your own time, was one of the primary reasons why more and more people opted to gamble online. But this has not lessened the draw of land based casinos one bit, especially to those who are equally attracted by the glitzy and glamorous casinos that cater to severe or recreational gamblers.

How can you become a professional gambler?

Gambling is tricky for some and very simple for other players. It’s dependent on rational decisions and logics. Many people believe that it’s nothing, just waste of money. But the benefits of gambling are so amazing that people, especially gamblers are attracted and love to place bets in gambling.

It’s necessary that you know about little things that are crucial before playing. These are needed at tricky and stressful situations that may occur during playing. Some people find such tips useful because it true that gambling is not the easiest thing to do.

The players need necessary skills and concept regarding the functioning of gambling. Once all this is stored in the mind, the person will automatically be more logical and cautious in making predictions during the game.

Learning these tips is not a big thing if you are doing it in a correct manner. Firstly you should find someone who knows about gambling. If this is not convenient for you, than the internet is the best solution for your learning. Read blogs, of people who are aware of insights of gambling, and they are ready to give you knowledge of betting and casinos.

Gamblers are often popular but sometimes not respected. In the society, people think that gamblers are not doing something legal. But in reality, gambling has become a profession and is authentic and legal. Sometimes, the gambler may face strain and stress in family relations or friends who think gambling is illegal and not morally right.

There are numerous beings in the world who think negative about gambling, just because of the stigma attached to this. But the truth is, gambling is a respectable profession since you earn money without doing any type of illegal activity.

When thinking of becoming a professional gambler, it’s necessary that you do not think of it as a profession filled with money and glamour. There are times that the best and most professional gamblers and betters lose, even in the simplest of rounds and games.

If you think that you will be making correct predictions all the time and win bags of money than this will not be the best profession for you. Courage is needed if you wish to be pro gambler. If you take reasonable risks with logical predictions than your chances of winning reach up to 80 percent. It can never be 100 percent since gambling and betting are totally uncertain, and prediction is valid only to a certain limit.