How to Gamble Responsibly?

Gambling has existed throughout times, being a favorite past-time for many. Some do it for fun and entertainment while there are people who take it way too seriously. You too may find it a good past-time activity, but the fact of the matter is that it is addictive in nature. It has its downsides which could make you lose control. This is something you may think happens to weak people, but the fact is that it can happen to anyone. That is why it is necessary to educate people on the subject of gambling responsibly.

The potential of addiction is very real and there are a number of reasons that can lead to it. You should practice mindful gambling, and have the right mindset for it. Although the temptation of money is very real, you should primarily do it for fun. When you log in to gambling portals like Judi Bola online Terpercaya, you may lose money or make it. In either case it is realistically possible to enjoy yourself.

Here are few other tips to help you avoid trouble:

  • If you are not having fun any longer, stop gambling.
  • Do not gamble if you cannot afford to lose money.
  • Avoid borrowing money for gambling.
  • Chasing your losses to recover can really make you spiral down a vicious cycle, so do not do that.
  • Know your boundaries. You should set strict limits to your gambling budget and should not exceed it.
  • If you have money saved for other things, do not use it for gambling.

Strategy for Slot games

In this article, I will be sharing my personal strategies for playing online slots games which I have devised after several years of experimenting with new titles and exploiting the weaknesses of titles I am familiar with to maximize my advantage. After having devised this strategy, I have stuck to it for a good part of a decade while making minor adjustments along the way to account for advancements and improvements in the world of slot games. I basically use bank roll management, that is to say that I avoid going all out when it comes to betting, utilizing the money that I can afford to splurge and lose while making safe bets of the major chunk of money. This gives you the freedom to utilize a portion of the money for experimenting, mixing up and trying newer titles and newer strategies and tips/ tricks to help you ace the slots.

online slots

These games are renowned for their house edge, so it is recommended that you look for games that are known for their higher pay out ratios or  Return to player ( RTP ) percentages. Another way to look at it would be to avoid the games with the lowest/worst pay out ratios or Return to player ( RTP ) percentages. It is also advised to take into account that volatility factor when you are deciding on a slot as this choice of slot may prove to be quite deciding factor in your actual pay out ratio or returns. Some slots reward you with smaller returns with more frequency as compared to its other counter parts whereas some slots are infamous for their lower pay out frequency, although the payout may be significantly larger despite the low frequency.


It is estimated that more than one billion people in the world own a tablet and by 2020 there will be around 6 billion smartphone users. This popularity rise of smartphones, powered by both Android and iOS, has opened new doors for poker apps. There have been dozens of poker apps available, the most popular among those all are as follow:


DH Texas Poker App is available on Android, Windows and iOS and works fine. Access to this app can either be through log in as a guest (via Facebook account) or by creating a DH Texas account.

Its interface is smooth and swift. Even though the traffic load on this app is not as high as other popular poker apps but there are several games being offered. A user gets substantial stack of chips to begin his or her betting career with DH Texas Poker.

World Poker Club

Powered by Android and iOS, World Poker Club app has just stepped into the world of mobile poker apps. This app allows you to use gestures to control the action on screen instead of the old-fashioned call, bet, and fold buttons, World Poker Club app offers gestures to send commands. The action is raised with an upward swipe while a double tap makes the check. Gesture control makes your experience exciting.

best mobile casino apps

World Series of Poker

Enriched with features, World Series of Poker App is the most popular poker brand. Virtually, you can participate in tournaments being held in places like Tokyo, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Sydney and Paris. Get yourself prepared to step into the world of poker through extensive statistics of any play-for-fun mobile poker app.

Zynga Poker

Claimed to be the world’s number one free online poker game, Zynga Poker app is available on Android, Windows phones, iOS, and even on Facebook.

The users of Zynga Poker App get some chips to begin their game. Up to 100,000 free chips can be won on daily basis.

There are more best poker apps to check and explore. The above mentioned have their own perks but you should keep on looking for the best.

888 Poker Might Be The Best Online Poker Platform

The 888 Group is considered to be the leader in poker games and looking at new and expanding the brand with innovative ways. 888 Group offers a range of casino games to Facebook users since they have a joint venture with it. But if you are looking to play poker online then 888 Poker site offers you one of the best online poker games.

Being a huge gambling company, having a massive customer base and using one of the most player friendly software platforms; 888 offers loads of poker games, tables and players to take on. Domino 99 is a very common game at 888 Poker and many other gambling platforms.

If you are looking for an online poker site that rewards you generously then 888 is going to be the right choice since it is one of the most lavishly paying poker site.

888 Group is fully licensed and regulated that gives you assurance that all of its poker games are fair.

888 Poker

A player does not have to make a deposit into the 888 Poker site to play or try his or her poker skills since it offers free play tables as well as free roll tournaments. One needs to sign up and register as a new player and enjoy range of poker games without costing a penny.

But if you wish to make a deposit then 888 offers unique and special bonuses for new players. You can get 100 percent boost in value when you make deposit up to 888.00. Being a player, it offers you twice the amount in your poker account and bankroll than you deposited.

Contrary to other online poker site deposit and new player bonuses’ terms and conditions, 888 ensures that those terms and conditions are not complicated that gives a peace of mind to the users while not tying them up when they opt to avail these bonus offers.


Rainbow Riches Free Play Bonus


Rainbow Riches is the only game with 20 win lines. This increases your odds of winning dramatically. When you go for the Rainbow Riches Free Play online game on your smartphone or tablet, you can place a wager from 0.01 pounds and as much as 25 pounds per line.

The whole process is quite simple and straightforward. You have to click on the LINE with + and – symbols right next to them. With these buttons you can increase or decrease your wager amount per individual line. You can also click on the LINE + symbols for increases the number of lines you want to place wager on.

There is another option in the game that allows you to easily customize the chosen win lines simply by clicking on each on of them or deselecting when you choose.

Once all of the things are set, hit the SPIN button. This will trigger the game for you. The game also features an exclusive AUTOPLAY button. This triggers the spins automatically unless and until something in the game occurs that may require any intervention.

Here too you can select your desired number of spins and the reel will instantly start to spin. However, those who want to cancel it during the auto spin, simply tap on the Stop Auto play button. This will appear on the same location where the Auto paly button was.

Road to Riches

This is the bonus feature of the game. Players will have to match three, four or five Leprechaun bonus symbols and then click on the SPIN. You can continue to spin until the game wheel stops on collect.

Wishing Well

This is another bonus features of the game. Here you can select your desired wishing well and claim your prize which is instantly available.

Choosing No Deposit Casino

Free gambling establishment loan is the most conventional and widely provided kind of bonus offer by online gambling establishments. If you browse on other sites for no-deposit gambling establishment bonuses understand that anything over $100 complimentary smells fishy. Casinos using these “too generous” bonuses are frequently “rogue” and you’ll have to await months to bank your jackpots or in the worst case never see your winnings!

At we browse just for respectable casino sites that offer the very best no deposit perks; so you can feel safe playing at all advised online gambling establishments available on our site. If you enjoy no deposit promos take a look at our list of Free Spins perks.

NOTE: The majority of the online casinos which offer free cash (no-deposit) sign up bonuses have employed a wagering system and bonus conditions to prevent abuse of their bonus offers, i.e. no-deposit rewards almost always bring betting requirements. Prior to accepting a bonus offer constantly make certain to go through the terms!

In our benefit reviews the max cashout information indicates the maximum amount that gamers are allowed to withdraw after the completion of betting requirements. If there is No Limits showing that suggests that there is no optimum limitation on the quantity you might withdraw. Frequently players from the UK and Ireland have no restrictions on the amount they can withdraw from no-deposit money bonuses.

Click the link if you need more information about no deposit casino online.

How poker can Change Your Life

Online poker is something that has become very common nowadays and also legal in most of the countries across the globe. Although the usual presumption is drawn out of someone who is playing poker is that he is a filthy rich person. Of course, poker gives you the right kind of skills, experience, and intelligence you need to make money but it can also change your entire view of life. YES! Poker can CHANGE your LIFE. While most of the people take it as a regular game, for moment rewind back to your very first poker games which you played and perhaps lost. Then you played again and lost or won but learned something new. Every game you play at any online poker platforms (some common ones like Bet365, BandarQ, WilliamHills, etc.) is a learning experience, and it teaches you to make better decisions.

panduan-1As a result of decision making, you start to make your life better by optimizing it around the best decisions and choices through a strategic thinking. It also helps to in improving intuition and ability to read different people around you. If you ever had the chance of exploring the life of a successful poker player, you’ll notice that they are extremely good at decision making and this is what made them successful.

Another important aspect of poker is that it teaches you that we all are different and chances are what works best for a particular person opposite to you. I highly recommend not to play poker for money or fun only. Try to learn what it is trying to teach you. As a result, you will be able to make important decision more accurately. Once you are happy with the amount of money you are making with poker, your next goal should be to start weighing your life decisions.

Matched Betting: What Could Go Wrong?

For many years, it has been said that matched betting is one of the low-risk strategies and hardly something could go wrong.  But here is what can possible go wrong and you should seriously consider it.

Placing the wrong bet

matched-betting-guideMost of the bookmakers have dozens of betting markets and especially on sports events. Commonly a soccer game which has Match Odds, Correct Score, Over/Under 2.5 Goals, Next Goal, Half Time, Corner Match Bet and other markets as well. To save yourself from any potential risk, you have to place the bets in the same market of the same event. In case you make a mistake, it can be corrected with little or no loss, simply by placing the opposite bet in Betfair, assuming that you are perfectly aware of it.

You need to correct these mistakes and never rely on the luck. Also, ensure that you have placed a bet because most of the bookies ask you to confirm the bet you want to place.

Another important thing to consider when going through matched betting is that those bonuses and free bet offers are not a reward. They are a trap, and you can’t claim it unless you deposit a fixed amount of cash in your account and then place bets at certain odds as mentioned in the terms and conditions of the Bookmaker. What I recommend is to bet the bonus award you get in the bet at odds of 1.5 or at least 2.00. This increases your chance of getting the reward quickly.

Another thing that could go wrong here is suspended accounts. Quite often the new customers don’t verify their identities and your account may get suspended temporarily or even permanently. You need to contact the customer service for this.

How Free Casino Slot Games No Download No Registration Works

Getting access to free casino slot games no download no registration in 2016 may seem like a blessing but the bitter truth here is that it’s pretty hard to find any such resources. Most of the online casinos available nowadays ask you to download their shady software to play or to go through multiple registration forms where they acquire your personal information and sometimes even your credit card information as well. However, we will help you find some of the best platforms where you can enjoy unlimited free slot games with no download no registration hassle.


All you need is a powerful Internet Connection, your PC, laptop or a smartphone and you are all hooked up to practice your skills. As long as you are connected to the Internet and your PC is working fine with a good browser, you won’t be interrupted. You can practice as much as you want with the free slot games and once you are confident enough, deposit money and gamble for real money. Nearly all online casinos available are 24/7 online with no strings and are 100% safe. They keep a special check to keep your privacy safe so that you can fully enjoy your games.

Free slot games also give you enough time or trial period before you decide to deposit real money. TO benefit you more, most of the reputed online casino platforms also give bonuses on deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 you are likely to get $100-$200 as an additional bonus to your balance which you can play and earn real money in no time. However, to gamble some real bucks you need to practice. So check out these free casino slot games no download no registration and start practicing to earn money.

Poker Texas Holdem, Where Did It All Begin?

Poker Texas Holdem is the most played type of poker there is today mainly because it gives players many opportunities to play strategically and win. So we have to wonder, who was the genius behind this magnificent game?

The game came to being in the early 20th century. As the name suggests, it is clear that it originated from Texas in the little town known as Robstown. However, when we visit the town, no one can pinpoint to one particular person who came up with the game.

History of poker

In the late 1960’s the game was introduced to the rest of the world via Las Vegas by some Texas poker lovers including Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim. Before this games such as draw and stud were the most popular in casinos. These men must have seen how this “thinking man’s game” was a goldmine. The game was only played in Downtown Las Vegas in ‘The Golden Nugget’ where not many high-stake players visited. After about two years the rest of Las Vegas got to know about it as it was played in high-end casinos.

The greatest milestone in the game has been the World Series of Poker (WSP) held annually since 1971. This was an idea born in the minds of a father and son, Benny and Jack Binion. They saw a great opportunity, just like Crandell Addington, and decided to take a risk. They purchased the rights to the Gambling Fraternity Convention, changed the name to World Series of Poker and started hosting Texas Holdem at their casino yearly.  The game’s popularity is now attributed to this annual tournament that has poker lovers traveling from far and wide.

Now, a lot of literature on it has come up. It is the main game in the World Poker Tour (WPT). It is played even on phones and via the internet. Who would have thought it would come so far?